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March 10, 2019

Let’s dive into the beauty of Rajasthan folk music together!

Let’s dive into the beauty of Rajasthan folk music together!

Namaskar, Khamma Ghani and a big whole-hearted welcome to all the wanderers and music lovers out there! 
What can be more soothing than a beautilicious melody, a mesmerizing tune, harmonious chords and a symphonic musical flair, when all you want to dive in a whole different world,

  • When all you think of living on your own being lost into your own thoughts.
  • When all you are willing to celebrate your happiness and speak your heart out to the World.
  • When all you want to fall in love again with your own life.
  • When you finally dare to express your love.
  • When you feel shy and blush, thinking of someone.
  • When you feel alone etc. etc. etc.

In every little feeling, at every precise moment and in every minute thought, one thing remains constant and that is MUSIC.

Music is not something you can see, but it is something you can fall in love again and again because Music is an EMOTION; Music is WORSHIP; Music is everything you ask for in any moment of your life. From happiness to anxiety, from love to hurt, from togetherness to separation, music can feel you and you could feel the same too.

Music is the purest form of art and connection, therefore it is the most direct expression of beauty and feelings, and when we talk about the musical beauty of Rajasthan, it stands totally incomparable as the mere mention of folk music brings the soul stirring Rajasthani folk songs which are immensely popular and appreciated across the World and it would take a very indifferent soul to not fall in love with the rajasthani ragas and primitive looking traditional instruments and off course not to forget the contribution from music ‘Gharanas’. 

This pretty little introduction to Rajasthani folk music will begin your enchanting journey and will take you through the basics of the melodies and techniques which are the reason behind capturing hearts of music fans across the globe regardless of their demography, their taste and their culture.

Let’s get an in-depth knowledge about Rajasthani folk instrunments.

  • The most popular stringed variety folk instrunments include Ektara, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha and Morchang.
  • Different sized percussion instruments include the huge Nagaras and Dhols and also the dhamrus. Daf and Chang are also played and enjoyed on festivals like Holi.
  • Rajasthan leads with instrunments like Algoza, Shehnaai, Tarpi, Bankia and Been which falls under the bagpipes and flute category.

Owing to the diversity of Rajasthan, the contributions towards the beautiful folk music comes from almost all the parts of this grand state including Mirasis and jogis from Mewat, Banjaras, Kanjars and dholis, manganiyars and langas as the most prmoninent ones.

At Music and melodies, we are home to all of these primitive and traditional instrunments along with our team of phenomenal musicians, extraordinary artists, passionate choreographers, experienced sound recordists, hard working music arrangers, extremely innovative composers, soul soothing singers, folk dancers, anchors  and instrumentalists with both Classical, Sufi, folk and Bollywood orchestra bands. Counted among the top music events organizer, we provide the amalgamation of Sufi, Rajasthani folk and spiritual music on western beats and organize events that one could only dream of. These include events with celebrity artists, wedding events or any event that is close to your heart because for us everything is important if it is related to you.

We are more than elated to connect and serve you on your upcoming special events and ceremonies as we have an expertise in covering musical, cultural and even corporate events since years. Let us help you make your special day even more special with our team of musicians and artists.

The latest feather in our musical cap is the fusion of our music and instruments with many mainstream and praised musical forms like house music, electro music, etc. In short, the history of Rajasthani folk music is so deep and intense that a single description isn’t enough and can’t do justice to it. This, however, is a pretty short attempt to appreciate the melodies, ragas and soothing aura of the Rajasthani songs, beats and music that speak the language of our hearts.


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Let us dive in the beauty of music together.
Thank You.
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