Folk music and dance is deep rooted in culture of Rajasthan giving these a miss during a tour of Rajasthan is simply not prudent! The Rajasthani folk music is deep rooted in lives of the people and it depicts their struggle, life and experiences through tunes and words. Use of various traditional musical instruments makes this music truly enchanting. If you seek authentic and top notch Rajasthani Folk Music Group we are here. At Music and melodies we offer diverse folk dance and music packages in Rajasthan for the clients. When you want to experience Rajasthani folk music forms like Maand, Pabuji Ki Phach and Panihari, give us a call.

The one stop solution for folk music in Rajasthan

We offer Rajasthan Folk Artists for events like birthdays and wedding. However, we also offer folk music packages for the corporate clients from time to time. We can offer artists to perform traditional folk song and dance performances for a few hours or you can also book whole day packages. You can Book Rajasthani Folk Musician through us even on short notice. We offer musicians and artists who are well versed in Rajasthani folk music. They use traditional music instruments like sarangi, Kamaicha, Satara, Damru etc. Right from the equipments to the attire, you will find perfection in every aspect of such cultural programs. If you want, we can arrange for dance and folk music at the same event. We offer our music and dance program packages all through the year.

Why choose us for folk song events?

Music and melodies is unlike any other music and dance service provider and we believe in offering the clients the best value for their money. We offer customizable and flexible Rajasthan folk music packages at rates that will not bleed your wallet. In fact, we encourage you to compare our charges with what others are offering. Want to Book Famous Chari Dance in Rajasthan with folk music event? Just give us a call today.
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