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Welcome to Music and Melodies

We present ourselves as organizer and promoter of very quintessential Indian Classical & Semi-classical music show and Melodies blended in the form of fusion based melodies designed by incredibly seasoned vocal cum instrumental artists belonging to exclusive renowned Gharana families, who not only deliver their instinctive performance and talent to audience but strive always to render their superlative passion as a Godly worship act.

We organize and design following tailor made melodious musical performances on demand befitting the event’s theme and requirement:

1. Musical performance- Classical/Semi-classical Indian ragas clubbed with instrumental beats (Traditional + western) 1 or 2 Hrs. duration as desired including best quality DJ sound system, light shows + Anchor etc.

2. Classical Indian Ragas show followed with vocal singing performances of Rajasthani folk , Sufi songs, Ghazals etc.

3. All Indian Dances Mainly & Rajasthani traditional folk dance performances+ puppet shows etc..

We Music & Melodies team, arrange shows around the world.

About Us : Here the ragas the western sounds & the tunes of our musical band played by our master would by up to that precision that it welcomes a spiritual process to another the soul each time you will get a chance to ragas. you get a chance to re-discuss.In spite of all the worldly possessions, there flows a vacuum in our soul and to fill that vacuum, " Music and Melodies " is there for you. it is an effort to emancipate an individual from all the prevalent inference and take him to the wired of spirituality.

Our aim is to alter our's soul aesthetically and for this we present music from its roots. It is a whole world of rich and robust iridescent - feel yourself loosen up and flow again in the melodies of sarangi, drink the joy of bansuri, heal your scars with the notes of vocal, discover yourself in the strings of santoor, conform your spirit through tabla and let the divine seep into fill the void.
Indian Music and Melodies Magnifies the drop of joy into an ocean of blies. so let's escape to exist.

We Provide

Rajasthani Folk
Sufi songs, Ghazals
Indian Classical
Bollywood Orchestra

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Feel The Music With Music & Melodies

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Feel The Music With Music & Melodies

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